• Tickets & Hospitality

    Tickets & Hospitality

    Winning Trips is able to offer Tickets and Hospitality packages

  • Football Coaching Programs

    Football Coaching Programs

    Winning Trips is proud to offer you our exclusive football coaching programs in Spain

We as Winning Trips like that soccer coaches are able to improve themselves every time. For that reason we are working together with many professional clubs in Europe; especially in Spain and in the Netherlands, to organize coaching seminars and coaching clinics. 

We are able to bring big clubs to your country or your club to give a seminar or clinic. And also the other way around is possible; we give coaches the opportunity to travel to Spain or the Netherlands and obtain experience in the youth academy of a big professional European club.


Coaching Seminars & Clinics 2020

Coaching Seminars & Clinics 2020


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